Assorted Ribbed Sherlock Hand Pipes | 2.5in Long – Metal


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Assorted Ribbed Sherlock Hand Pipes | 2.5in Long – Metal

Unlock a world of color and quality with these Assorted Ribbed Sherlock Hand Pipes. Crafted meticulously from high-grade metal, these compact pipes measuring just 2.5 inches, prove that good things come in small packages. They’re small but mighty, and their robust design ensures that they’re built to last.

Featuring an assorted variety of radiant colors, they add a splash of vibrancy to any display. The ribbed design is also aesthetically pleasing and functional, offering a comfortable grip for the user. Plus, being made from metal, these pipes guarantee longevity and durability, all the while providing a clean, smooth smoke.

  • Compact and portable at just 2.5 inches in size
  • Available in an assorted variety of vibrant colors
  • Made from high-quality, durable metal material
  • Stylish ribbed design for improved grip and aesthetic


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