Kraken Wood Pipe | 5in Tall – Wood Bowl


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Kraken Wood Pipe | 5in Tall – Wood Bowl

The charming yellow/green hue of the wood adds a playful splash of color, while the high-quality wooden material guarantees longevity and durability.

At a convenient 5 inches, this pipe fits snugly into the hand, offering a comfortable grip. It’s an eye-catching piece that your customers will simply find too enticing to pass up. The Kraken Wood Pipe is more than a means to smoke; it’s an experience, a statement piece that enhances the user’s smoking experience.

  • Distinctive Kraken design adds an element of intrigue and allure
  • Handy 5-inch size ensures a comfortable grip and portable convenience
  • Vibrant yellow/green color enhances the visual appeal
  • Durable wooden construction guarantees a long lifespan


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