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Cannabis Shake


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Cannabinoids bind to fats which makes cooking with cannabis super easy. Though we recommend toasting your weed before cooking with it to convert as much THC-A into THC as possible (a process known as decarboxylation), some suggest omitting this process if the cannabis will be heated in baked goods – much of the THC-A will be converted during this heating process, after all, and will keep more of the other valuable cannabinoids intact, too. Of course, if your main objective is to get high, decarb away! Now for the infusion process. To begin, add your ground cannabis to your fat at a 1:1 ratio and cook over low heat for at least 2-8 hours always ensuring the cannabis is fully-submerged. We recommend using the green butter or a crock pot for this as it eliminates the need to tend to the oil, but if this is not possible, either a double boiler (especially when infusing dairy products) or a saucepan on very low temperature can be used provided that it’s stirred often. After the product has simmered for a few hours, it should begin turning green. The longer it’s heated, the deeper the green and the more potent the final product will be so gauge your time accordingly. Once the simmer process is complete, strain all plant matter out of the product (make sure to squeeze out every drop – that stuff is like gold!) and label the container. Store in a cool, dark location and away from minors or use immediately in your favorite recipe.

1 review for Cannabis Shake

  1. 5 out of 5

    barefootgabe22 (verified owner)

    Made some fire coconut oil, great price and super quality trim.

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