Freakshow – Sativa LAST SEASON’S AS IS

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THC 29-34%

The 2019 debut release of the Freakshow seed, produced by Humboldt Seed Company, is a unique and novel creation, lovingly referred to as Cannabis Lusus Monstra. With a completely new morphology, Freakshow simply has to be experienced to believe. When longtime grower Shapeshifter had several mutant seedlings with bizarre leaves appear in a batch of seeds, he did what most growers wouldn’t do–he kept them and grew them out. He liked the result so much that he decided to cross these mutants and select for unusual leaf shapes and patterns. Several generations later with the help of the Humboldt Seed Company, Freakshow was born! This is an extremely strong Sativa. Suggested for avid users only. Not suggested for beginners.

Scent: Diesel and grapefruit notes, with hints of thyme and eucalyptus.

Effects: Boosting cerebral effect with a mild headband sensation. Excellent for daytime use.

Seeds By Humboldt Seed Company

Grown by Treehouse Delights


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