Granny Mac Sativa – Light Dep

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Ideal for the very many cannabis lovers and enthusiasts of the hybrid niche, the Granny Mac strain is a must-have for cannabis lovers in dire need of a super heavy flavor and high. The Granny Mac comes with mouth-watering hard-hitting effects, one that is potent and strong enough to leave you feeling happy, creative, uplifted, the moment you light one up. All of which is accompanied by a relaxation only accustomed to the Granny Mac, saturates your very being while leaving your body and mind in a calm state without care or pain in the world.

The Granny Mac secretes a gorgeous resin-covered flower sandwiched with a dank, grassy musk, and of course sour citrus flavor profiles. Among other things, the buds of the Granny Mac comes with a dank sour citrus flavor sandwiched with a spicy earthy overtone that sweetens upon exhale


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