Devils Fruit A.K.A The Devils Lettuce – Indica Hybrid 29%THC

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Devils Fruit A.K.A The Devils Lettuce – Indica 29%THC

Devil’s Lettuce strain didn’t earn its name for being innocent; it possesses far too much power for that. Contrary to the name, Devils Lettuce strain effects are surprisingly more happiness and euphoria than fire and brimstone, leaving the body relaxed and at ease, while still enjoying a productive and insightful head-high. It comes on fast like a bat out of hell, but in a welcoming wave of mental energy, sparking creativity and invigoration. Devils Fruit strain weed has a fragrance similar to its dualistic nature; one part of its aroma is fresh, earthy, and inviting, while the other is sour and dank, reeking of ammonia. These scents work cohesively, creating a balanced blend of sweet fruity elements, sour citrus, and pungent cheese.


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